The Chief Encouragement Officer™ provides a range of services designed to enhance your leadership skills, engage your staff and support program and project management across your entire organisation.

From expert leadership workshops delivered to business units right through to contracted consultancy services, the Chief Encouragement Officer™ has the flexibility to deliver the services you need in a way that best suits your business operation.

Certified Dare to Lead™ Training

Julia Ridout, the Chief Encouragement Officer™, is certified to teach and facilitate the skills and practices of Dare to Lead™. Based on the research of Dr Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an evidence-based leadership program designed to be facilitated by organisational development professionals.

Dare to Lead™ training can be tailored to fit in with your own leadership content or can be delivered via the certified workshop. Individuals who successfully complete the full Dare to Lead™ program will receive a certificate of completion and are allowed to put a Dare to Lead™ Trained badge on their LinkedIn account. Fees are based on content delivery, method and discussion with you. Please get in touch for more information. 

Individual coaching for the Dare to Lead™ curriculum, taught over a number of sessions, is available now.  Please register your interest using the contact page

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Career Coaching

Utilising over 25 years experience as a hiring manager and the Dare to Lead™ leadership content as pointers, I can also support people in their role search. Either through career coaching, resume review or helping an individual identify transferable skills for their next career pivot. 

Given the current situation with COVID-19, I am happy to gift a 30 min call to any individual who has lost their job due to the pandemic. I may not be able to help in respect to your particular industry but happy to point you toward some free resources and share information. 

Please register your interest using the contact page.

Calls will be offered in Australian Eastern Standard Time zone.

Program and Project Start Up

Give your program or project the best chance of success by engaging the expertise of the Chief Encouragement Officer™ in your initial planning and scoping phase. With years of leadership and project management experience, I can develop resources, create training and support your staff to succeed.

Employing my unique skill set and background from the outset will help your program or project hit key milestones, stay on track, delivering expected outcomes on time and on budget. Don’t risk your next major program or project – get the Chief Encouragement Officer™ on board from the start to guide your people towards success.

Program and Project Review

If you have an underperforming project or program, it’s not too late to get things back on track. Bring the Chief Encouragement Officer™ in to review the progress of your project, identify issues and recommend optimal solutions. I can be brought in to review the whole project or advise on key areas such as communication. 

With a unique ability to get things done, I take stock of the current situation to identify the blockers to progress and work on eliminating them. Benefiting from an outside perspective, I take a project, enterprise wide and commercial view to support the aims of the project team and the wider aims of the organisation.

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Whether you’re leading a project or a team, realise your full potential and become the leader your organisation needs.
Contact the Chief Encouragement Officer™ to discover how our expert leadership coaching and training can unlock your true potential.