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From expert leadership courses delivered to business units right through to contracted consultancy services, I can show you how to get the best from your team to complement your business operations.

Certified Dare to Lead™ Course

Julia Ridout, the Chief Encouragement Officer, teaching leadership skills and practices of Dare to Lead™. Based on the research of Dr Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an evidence-based leadership course designed to be facilitated by organisational development professionals, certified in the program. Facilitators can only be trained and certified by Dr Brené Brown. Read her full bio here.

Dare to Lead™ can be tailored to fit in with your own leadership content or can be delivered via the certified course. Individuals who successfully complete the full Dare to Lead™ course will receive a certificate of completion and are able to put a Dare to Lead™ Trained badge on their LinkedIn account. Fees are based on content delivery, method and discussion with you. Before moving ahead with the course dates, there is the opportunity to discuss your particular challenges, reviewing how the course can support you in moving from problem-solving to thriving. 

Dare to Lead™ curriculum for the individual, taught over a number of sessions, is also available now.  Enhance the skills you already have and find out how to get the opportunities you are looking for. The delivery in this way allows for discussion and reflection to unpack the curriculum and align it to your future.

You can take the Daring Leadership Assessment for free here 

Pricing starts at AU$2,495 +GST per person (currently held at 2022 pricing) participating in the group course and dependent on the scope discussed. Full details of what is included and how the course is structured will be provided in a proposal. 

There is a no-obligation chat for anyone keen to find out more about the course, either personally or for your organisation. 

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Amy Edmondson's
The Fearless Organization Scan

A powerful introduction, the Fearless Organization Scan gives teams the opportunity to review their Psychological Safety. Results from the survey enable a review of the four dimensions that make up the scan and act as a starting point for improving Psychological safety. This survey can be completed as a standalone activity, supporting your team’s ability to identify areas of improvement or can be combined with other services offered by the Chief Encouragement Officer. 

Completing the scan fosters discussion areas such as; ‘Inclusion and Diversity,  ‘Willingness to Help’, ‘Attitude to Risk and Failure’ and ‘Open Conversations’. Completing the scan will give you an insight into the current team dynamics and completing this workshop will give you the practical skills you need to support your team to thrive.

Take the individual Fearless Organization Scan for free here

Pricing starts at AU$500 +GST dependent on course structure chosen and whether it is  combined with other content. Full details of what is included and how the course is structured will be provided in a proposal.  

Program and Project Review

If you have an underperforming project or program, it’s not too late to get things back on track. The Chief Encouragement Officer can review the progress of your project, identify issues and recommend optimal solutions. I can be brought in to review the whole project or advise on key areas such as communication, significant scope change and risk.

With a unique ability to get things done, I take stock of the current situation to identify the blockers to progress and work on eliminating them. Benefiting from an outside perspective, I take a project, enterprise-wide and commercial view to support the aims of the project team and the wider aims of the organisation.

As an independent consultant since 2012 and a Program Director for the previous 14 years, I understand the issues, impact and context in order to give strategic advice, quickly and concisely.

Pricing is dependent on program requirements and will be provided in a proposal for agreement prior to any work being undertaken. 

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Program and Project Start Up

Give your program or project the best chance of success by engaging the expertise of the Chief Encouragement Officer in your initial planning and scoping phase. With years of leadership and project management experience, I can develop resources, create training and support your staff to succeed.

Employing my unique skill set and background from the outset will help your program or project hit key milestones, stay on track, delivering expected outcomes on time and on budget. Don’t risk your next major program or project – get the Chief Encouragement Officer on board from the start to guide your people towards success.

Clients have often chosen to extend my consultation from the initial engagement to maintain my expertise and continuity in the program of works. 

Pricing is dependent on program requirements and will be provided in a proposal for agreement prior to any work being undertaken. 


Career Skills

Utilising over 30 years experience as a hiring manager and the Dare to Lead™ leadership content as pointers, I can also support people in their role search. 

Either through career and resume review or helping an individual identify transferable skills for their next career pivot. My cross industry experience has allowed for me to see various management and leadership styles in a number of different organisational settings.

Irrespective of your industry I am happy to point you toward some free resources and share information. 


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