Referrals & Resources

Additional resource links referenced in workshops

Brené Brown Ted Talks – The Power of Vulnerability  & Listening to Shame –

Brené Brown ‘Call to Courage’ – watch on Netflix

Brené’s books  

Daring Leadership Assessment – gauge your strengths and opportunities for growth.

Dare to Lead Book

Dare to Lead and Unlocking Us Podcasts

Dom Price –

Gavin Aung Than (Zen Pencils) –

The Power of Vulnerability –

Susan Cain and Bittersweet quiz –

Susan David –

Tanmay Vora – visual sketch notes –

Complex Trauma –

Emotions Wheel –

Debra Kurtz –

Winitha Bonney OAM –      A global expert based in Australia in helping corporates build inclusive cultures. 

Dr Harriet Lerner –

Dr Hayley Lewis –

Dr Kristin Neff –

Greater Good Magazine (Science-based insights) –

Links between intellectual humility and acquiring knowledge –

Dr Juliet Bourke –

Mental Health Academy –

Psychosynthesis exercises –

Psychological Safety and Learning Behavior in Work Teams – Amy Edmondson.

Podcast with Harvard Business Review & Amy Edmondson –

The Fearless Organisation – Amy Edmondson.

The Resilience Project

Sir Ken Robinson – Sadly, Sir Ken passed away 21st August 2020 and this was part of the tribute to him

Video shorts on Empathy and Blame