For your business to thrive, people need to be fully engaged, effective and empowered across the entire organisation. 

No matter how good your processes and procedures, it’s impossible to achieve optimal results without first unlocking the potential of your people.

You need leaders and they are everywhere. If you look for them.

As Brené Brown says “A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people or processes and has the courage to develop that potential.”


The Chief Encouragement Officer is here to support you and your team in leadership development.

Specialising in project consultancy, teaching leadership skills, and program management, the Chief Encouragement Officer has the experience, knowledge and focus to get to the heart of issues and identify effective solutions.

With over 30 years of experience in business, including senior management roles across a range of industries, levels and structures, the Chief Encouragement Officer can help your staff, managers and leaders become more efficient and effective in their roles.

Unlock the potential of your people and achieve organisation-wide success with our specialist leadership skills workshops and program management expertise.

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Broad Experience

With over 20 years of corporate experience across multiple industries, leadership levels and business structures, the Chief Encouragement Officer is well placed to help, whatever your business.


Proven Results

The Chief Encouragement Officer (or Chief “Get It Done” Officer) combines empathy, experience & understanding to help your people and your business become more effective and achieve real results.


People Focus

A self-confessed “people geek”, the Chief Encouragement Officer draws on qualifications and experience to ensure team members and leaders are engaged and on the same page during projects.


Businesses need to constantly change and evolve to stay competitive and maintain success.

The challenge is how to juggle competing stakeholders, business priorities, leadership styles and attitudes to change in order to stay ahead while managing ‘business as usual’.

That’s where I come in. From strategy to delivery, the Chief Encouragement Officer adapts to meet your needs, helping to create order and simplicity in the midst of organisational change. With extensive experience across business analysis, sales, training and strategic planning, I’m here to make sense of ambiguity and secure your future business success.

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Program Startup

  Give your program or project the best chance of success by engaging us in the planning and scoping phase. I develop resources, create training and support your staff to connect effectively.
Julia Ridout, Chief Encouragement Officer, leadership, advisor, projects, program management, information technology, services,

Project Review

 If you have a project or program already underway, bring us in to review its progress and direction. I review progress at any stage of the process to ensure it stays on track to deliver results.
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Fearless Organization Scan

Amy Edmondson’s famed survey supports your team with understanding Psychological Safety. 
I facilitate the process of completing the survey as a team and identifying key areas for growth.

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Dare to Lead 

 I facilitate Dare to Lead™ leadership training based on the research of Brené Brown. Tailored to fit in with your own leadership content or can be delivered via the certified workshop.

Unlock Your Organisation’s Potential

Discover how the Chief Encouragement Officer can help you cultivate change and power productivity.

Contact us today to discuss how our specialised leadership skills and expert program management could unlock your organisation’s potential.

Julia Ridout, Chief Encouragement Officer, leadership, advisor, projects, program management, information technology, services