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Drawing on over 20 years of corporate experience, Julia Ridout, the Chief Encouragement Officer, is a highly respected leadership consultant. Having shared her knowledge with leaders and businesses of all levels for over a decade, Julia is dedicated to helping organisations unlock their potential through the power of their people.

With senior management roles in mergers, advertising, information technology and retail across portfolio management, strategy, sales and operations, Julia understands the day to day challenges faced by leaders and individuals in the workplace.

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Establishing the Chief Encouragement Officer to help organisations make the most of their greatest asset (people), Julia has a proven background in enabling people to become more effective in their work.

An accredited counsellor for Lifeline for 7 years, Julia also has a psychology background with experience in trauma, positive psychology and counselling. This works supports Julia’s coaching style as she is trauma informed. 

This background in psychology, together with a broad range of corporate experience, gives Julia a unique insight into the workplace.

With an uncanny ability to cut through issues, connect with people and get to the heart of problems, Julia is the leadership consultant you need when guiding your organisation through change.

Leadership is more than just process.

As you already know, there is no colour by number approach to leadership and it’s not all about process or procedure. 

Following a rules based and rigid approach to leadership will not help you create relationships, cultivate engagement or increase efficiency.


The truth is, personality beats process every time.

To get the most from your people, you need to know when to be direct yet empathetic; how to combine soft and hard skills; and when to call for backup. These skills are not the ones you’ll find in a manual or a set of procedures – they come from experience, empathy and understanding.

The Chief Encouragement Officer helps leaders harness these soft skills and realise their potential through targeted training, coaching and mentoring. Drawing on wide experience and a range of different skills, the Chief Encouragement Officer helps your leaders and your organisation get the most from your people and processes.

With workshops available for business unit teams, project teams and project leaders, increase the skills of your leaders and achieve improved productivity for your organisation. Coaching and training is also available for your future leaders, allowing you to invest in your people, establish succession plans and cultivate a strong organisational culture.

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Invest in your people and reap the rewards of strong leadership and a healthy organisational culture. Contact the Chief Encouragement Officer to discover how our workshops and project management skills can benefit your organisation.

Julia Ridout, Chief Encouragement Officer, improve outcomes, deliver success, change management, leadership and management specialist