Additional resources and links referenced in workshops

Brené Brown Ted Talks – The Power of Vulnerability – & Listening to Shame –

Brené Brown – ‘Call to Courage’ – watch on Netflix

Brené’s books  

Daring Leadership Assessment – gauge your strengths and opportunities for growth.

Dare to Lead Book

Dare to Lead and Unlocking Us Podcasts

Dom Price –

Gavin Aung Than (Zen Pencils) –

The Power of Vulnerability –

Susan Cain and Bittersweet quiz –

Susan David –

Tanmay Vora – visual sketch notes –

Complex Trauma –

Neurodivergent Friendly Workbook of DBT Skills –

Emotions Wheel –

Debra Kurtz –

Tasha Eurich Increase Your Self-Awareness

Winitha Bonney OAM –      A global expert based in Australia in helping corporates build inclusive cultures. 

Dr Harriet Lerner –

Dr Hayley Lewis –

Dr Kristin Neff –

Dr Juliet Bourke –

Dr Juliet Bourke and Bernadette Dillon –

Connect with Empathy but lead with compassion –

Greater Good Magazine (Science-based insights) –

Links between intellectual humility and acquiring knowledge –

Mental Health Academy –

Psychosynthesis exercises –

Psychological Safety and Learning Behavior in Work Teams – Amy Edmondson.

Podcast with Harvard Business Review & Amy Edmondson –

The Fearless Organization – Amy Edmondson.

The Resilience Project

Sir Ken Robinson – Sadly, Sir Ken passed away 21st August 2020 and this was part of the tribute to him Much of his focus was on enhancing creativity and innovation in schools

RSA videos - Brené Brown on Empathy and Blame

Play Video about Resources link to empathy video by Brene Brown from RSA Shorts
Play Video about Resources link to video on blame from Brene Brown by RSA shorts

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